Welcome to New Members

First Central Baptist Church cheerfully welcomes you as a part of our family. The commitment you have made is a significant one that begins the process of spiritual growth and development. To that end, it is extremely important that you attend and complete the 7 week New Member’s Class series.  In these classes you will learn the essentials to your development in the Christian community. It is also important that you continue to receive instruction in Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7pm and Sunday School at 9:30am. 

Stewardship is one of the main foci of the Christian Church, and First Central takes very seriously this responsibility of cultivating the people and resources that God has entrusted to the church’s care. Your regular financial support of the work of the church, through tithes and offerings, is mandated by God; and by your giving, you further God’s work on earth and you will be richly blessed.

The ministries at First Central are diverse and beg your participation. Your talents and resources ensure the success of our work.

Be blessed and see you on Sunday!


Office Hours

Monday - Friday



117 Wright Street/Rev. Dr. Calvin Rice Pl.,

Staten Island New York 10304

(718) 273-9274